Moderator Guidelines

Our Moderators work tirelessly to ensure that the game is fair, equal, and enjoyable for all players; however, mistakes can occur. As community members, you will find a list of "most" Moderator Guidelines that all BMT Mods must follow below. If in case you need to report a Moderator to a Game Management member, ensure they have broken one of the listed guidelines.

Behavior and Representation

Moderators are required to maintain a decent level of maturity and respect for others at all times. Thye should be able to fulfil their duties professionally and maturely regardless of the situation. Moderators should all be able to:

Impartiality and Bias

Moderators must ensure that all actions and infractions are unbiased and objective. Moderators should never ignore or overlook an instance of "rule-breaking". They should treat and punish all violations equally while remaining objective and fair:

Foreign Groups

All moderators, including Trainees, are not allowed to be in any:

Groups with members under 250 are excluded from these guidelines.

Information Disclosure

Despite promoting transparency with the community, Moderators still have some information they are not allowed to share to prevent abuse and misuse within the community.

Below is a shortened list of items Moderators are NOT allowed to disclose. Moderators who have disclosed this information to you, intentionally or not, should be reported to a Game Management member:

Moderator Negligence

Because Area-47 is a community with a wide range of users and Moderators, there will, without question, be differences in how rules are enforced. Moderators should remain unbiased, equal, and fair in all scenarios, but they should also be confident in their decision-making regarding moderation: