Area 47: SCP Roleplay Discord Rules

While in the Area-47 Discord server, users are required to follow the rules as to not ruin the experience for others. We have an active moderation team always monitoring the channels and handling reports.

Ensure that you read these rules carefully so you’re not found to be breaking any.

Follow the rules, otherwise suffer the consequences.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules please contact a member of the Discord Moderation team.

1.1 - Discord Terms of Use

Following the pre-established rules of the platform is required in the server. You can find the links to these rulebooks here:

Terms of Use:

External clients/Client modifications:

We do not allow users to use client modifications or external clients while in the server. Things such as BetterDiscord are disallowed and will be punished harshly. If a moderator asks you to remove any client modifications you have, do not argue, follow the instruction and move on.

Below are some of the things you should not have. Note that this list will not cover everything:

In short, if the feature you have/use is NOT part of the normal, and official, Discord clients. Do not use them.

1.2 - Channel Misuse

Misusing channels is when a user uses a channel in a way that wasn't intended, such as the following:

     - Posting non-Area 47/55/27 content in #memories

   - Posting non-Area 47/55/27 videos/media in #content

1.3 - Foreign Languages

Language barriers create a difficulty in moderating, especially if it’s being used to break rules. This is why we enforce the idea that foreign languages are not permitted.  For this reason, the universal language applied is English, however:

Foreign languages can be utilized if and when there is a current Discord Moderator who fluently speaks the same language.

1.4 - Abuse of Reaction permissions

Reactions can be used by users and moderators in order to vote or react to something. Hence the name: Reactions. However, users may abuse their perms to react and add unnecessary reactions. Such as:

1.5 - Spamming


This involves any repeated text, image, video, gif, or mention for more than 3 lines in a short period of time. Punishment depends on severity, which includes the stated circumstances.

Chat Flood

This involves any repeated text, image, video, or gif for more than 10 lines over an extended period of time. Punishment may vary on severity, which includes the stated circumstances. Chat Flood can also be counted as one extremely long message (20+ lines)

1.6 - Spoiler Baiting

Using the Discord spoiler function to make one word (usually derogatory) look like another. Example: N||ice ca||r, in Discord it wouldn't show the "ice ca" part and would appear like a censored N-word until clicked on revealing the "ice ca" part of the message.

This also includes posting sensitive content/media which has the Discord spoiler function.

1.7 - Advertising

Advertising in the Discord server is prohibited. “Advertising” is, but not limited to, directing players to join another server.

This rule also includes advertising any 'fanmade' Area-47 servers, events, etc. The only things that may be advertised are official Area-47/Bulk Games products, and servers.

1.8 - Bypassing Server filters

When a user uses text in a manner to bypass our filter and imply certain words or phrases without typing them fully. Example:

These messages cut off parts of the text or spell them differently to bypass our system and imply the full words or phrases. Other chat when spoken out loud  fall make you say a certain thing (slurs, sexual meaning) under this rule too.

1.9 - Disruptive Behaviors

Disruptive behaviors intends to prevent and handle users who Intentional or repeatedly bring up controversial, political, sensitive or otherwise upsetting topics that delve chat into chaos. 

This rule does not include talking about certain topics in a respectful manner, should certain topics be discussed it should be in a respectful manner, this is the only time it'll be acceptable. It becomes an issue when people intentionally poke fun at specific topics that are often sensitive to people, a group, or anything similar.

Some examples may include, but are not limited to:

2.1 - Disregarding Moderator requests

Ignoring any valid requests from a Discord Moderator is disallowed and can be met with punishments. Examples of valid requests can be but not limited to:

 Note: If you believe a moderator is requesting unjustifiable requests, consult the opinion of a second moderator or ask a member of DMT Management.

2.2 - Pinging Studio Staff/Developers

It has been made abundantly clear by the developers and upper management of the Area-47 server that random pings are not ideal, and are in fact an inconvenience. 

It is therefore a violation to ping: 

You may ping these members for a few select reasons which include but are not limited to:

2.3 - Ticket Abuse/Misuse

The ticket system has been added for Area 47 players and moderators to use. This is to report players who are breaking the rules in the Game and/or Discord. However some users tend to think it's funny to abuse this feature.

2.4 - Discrimination

Discrimination is when someone harasses or opposes a sexual orientation, religion or race to someone in a text channel or DMs.

This includes, but not limited to:

2.5 - Toxicity/Harassment

Harassment is repeated or very severe toxicity towards another person, whether in DMs or in the server. Harassment in DMs may only be moderated if the incident is related to actions in the 47 server, if it is extremely severe, or if it is done towards a game or Discord moderator. 

Common terms used to be toxic or harass a user (not limited to):

2.6 - NSFW

NSFW Content

This rule refers to content which should not be seen by people below the age of 18.

NSFW Profile pictures, banners, usernames, or about me's

The purpose of this rule is to ensure that users' profiles are appropriate. Despite wanting to give users the freedom to choose their profile pictures, you must ensure that these pictures abide by the community standards. Violations within profiles pictures can include but are not limited to:

NSFW Audios and Streams

Users have the ability to talk in real-time, stream and or turn on their cameras in the voice channels of the Discord Server, however users may do malicious things with these permissions, these include but are not limited to:

It should be noted, if a user refers to one of the above main categories in media form such as posting a picture of someone bending over or anything similar; Media that is deemed "filter safe" by use of cropping images or covering parts out also falls under this rule and will be dealt with all the same.

2.7 - Ban Evasion

Using an alternative account to bypass or evade an active ban is prohibited. If you are banned, do not create another account to join the server.

2.8 - Leaking Personal Information

While this happens rarely, in extreme cases users may get their hands on someone's personal details. This includes, but is not limited to:

2.9 - Sensitive Topics

While users may discuss things that are private to them or are not widely known, it is critical that no discussion is related to any Sensitive topics for both that individual, BMT, and DMT. Regardless whether it is past, present, or pending, it is not allowed.

This rule is considered to be of high importance due to the potential negative and toxic effects that could result if details and information that people should not have/know, someone's personal life, or cases are disclosed to the public. It is common for people to have friends in the server, and if any details are discussed, things can deteriorate quickly as a result.

Sensitive topics may include but not limited to:

3.1 - Annoying Audio in voice chat

Playing annoying audio would mean playing sounds/audio or anything that could be annoying and or disrupting to users in a Voice Channel. The following are:

3.2 - Malicious intentions

Some people in modern society aren't as "nice" as we all expect them to be. Such in a way that they often present malicious intents. These include:

This rule also requires any evidence for player reports, bug reports, or anything similar that needs to be downloaded be uploaded to a streaming service, any evidence that requires to be downloaded may be deleted by moderation staff and can land the poster in trouble, the report will also be voided if the reporter is unable to provide the evidence on another service, such as YouTube.

Malicious intentions usually encompasses users who use things like IP grabbers, or programs/downloads with malware or other malicious software embedded within, however there are malicious intentions that do not require the use of malicious applications/software. 

Malicious intentions without the use of "Malicious software" encompasses users who use things to cause problems that may see malicious but do not contain anything such as malware, IP loggings, etc. 

Some examples of this are, but are of course not limited to:

3.3 - Exceptional Circumstances

In specific exceptional circumstances, users may be punished before a violation has taken place in the Area-47 server. 

For example, should users post gore/nsfw or break critical rules in sister servers (such as the main SCPF discord), they may be punished in the Area-47 server following this rule.

3.4 - Online Dating

Online dating is the act of behaving in a romantic or otherwise indicative manner pertaining to dating.

Users cannot be punished for their personal interactions (in DMs), however any public “displays of affection” cannot be expressed within our discord server. This is due to our server being classed as a server with a younger audience than 18, and is therefore strictly prohibited. 

3.5 - Gaming the System

"Gaming the System" (more commonly referred to as "Loopholing") refers to using "flaws" or making drastic assumptions about the rules in order to bypass them. Attempting to bypass anything that is obviously against the rules is punishable.

In summary, users have a set expectation of common sense when it comes to the rules and often try to cause issues with moderation staff or other players.