Area 47: SCP Roleplay Rules

While playing Area-47, players are required to follow the rules as to not ruin the fun for other users. We have an active moderation team always handling reports sent in by players. 

Ensure that you read these rules carefully so you’re not found to be breaking any.

We do not offer any form of refunds if moderation action is taken on your account for violating our rules. Follow the rules, and play fair, otherwise suffer the consequences.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules please contact a member of the Game Moderation team.

1.1 - Roblox Terms of Use & Community Guidelines

Following the pre-established rules of the platform is required while playing our game. You can find the links to these rulebooks here:

Terms of Use: 83

Community Guidelines: 132

Some examples of ToS include:

Note: This is not the complete list of the ToS, you are expected to visit the Roblox ToS page and review them yourself. When you created your Roblox account you already agreed to these rules, even if you never actually read the agreement, so don't use "I didn't know" as an excuse if you get punished.

1.2 - No Abusing the Report System

Our moderators work tirelessly to provide a quality experience for our players. Abusing the report button takes away time from our team that could be used dealing with real problems.

Only make a report if you see a user actively breaking the rules.

Note: We’re aware of some uncommon issues with the report menu where you’ll be unable to close the menu if you clicked on it. Should this happen then you are allowed to report a random player, however put the report reason as: “Unable to close report menu. Ignore this report”, or anything similar.

1.3 - No Command Abuse

When playing as a gamepass role like The Administrator, Site Director, or O5 Council, you are given special commands that other users do not have. Abusing these commands is prohibited.

Here are some examples of command abuse but not limited to:

-Trolling in the meeting room 

-Improper level for a sector (e.g: level 0 in sector 4) except in cases of combatives (MTF, SD, etc) for containment, combat, or anything similar. Below are the clearance levels that may enter each sectors:

Sector Clearance chart:

-All levels in sector 1 / 2

-Levels 2+ In Sector 3

-Levels 3+ In Sector 4

-IOmni+ In redacted

-Interrupting test)

-Breaking an in-game rule

-Evading valid Detain use (See Tool Abuse).

Note: You may not CE players for entering any offices

-Impeaching the TA within the first 5 minutes of taking office with the exception of if the TA is abusing

-Impeaching the TA for the fun of it / no valid reason

-Impeaching the TA in order to take the position for themselves / for a friend

1.4 - No Abusing Alarms / Voice Announcements

First off, when we say "announcements" we mean the text announcements for Secretary, Site Directors, Overseers and the Administrator and the announcements in the control room, such as "Stay Vigilant", "Hungry?", Code Red, etc. 

Note: Code Black and CDCZ Lockdown are the exceptions to this rule, these codes have cooldowns that prevent spamming within a short amount of time. However you are still heavily encouraged to use these codes properly.

1.5 - No Disrupting Gameplay

No one likes their gameplay to be ruined and no one likes to be annoyed! However some people find enjoyment annoying players and disrupting gameplay or stirring up unneeded drama. Below are some examples of disrupting gameplay, but not limited to:

Note: We do not punish the use of Code Black by The Administrator for "annoyance" purposes, Code Black may be activated at the discretion of the current Administrator, even if they activate it to simply be annoying.

1.6 - Evading Bans

Using an alternative account to bypass or evade an active ban is prohibited. If you are banned, do not create another account to join the game, this will cause your main account to be permanently banned. 

Reminder: We do not offer refunds under any circumstances for moderation actions taken on your account.

1.7 - No Breaching SCPs

Purposely breaching SCPs is prohibited on all teams except for Chaos Insurgency and Class-D. SCPs are allowed to breach other SCPs, SCP-096 player can breach the SCP-049 NPC for example.

Intentionally making recontainment efforts harder is also not allowed, this may include, but is not limited to:

Keep in mind that SCP-131, 999, 178 can all be breached.

Note: Making yourself purposefully infected by SCP-008 (as a foundation member) is not allowed. However, if another player ends up infecting you then you’ll not be in trouble and you are free to continue infecting other players if you please, make sure to stay away from spawn areas and the CDCZ though.

1.8 - No Bypassing of the Termination System

When you cross the line as a Class-D, you’re given a termination tag, allowing you to be terminated by foundation members.

Some examples of bypassing include but not limited to:

1.9 - No Exploiting

Exploitation of the game is strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule results in strict punishments, often without appeal.

Some examples of exploit include but not limited to:

2.1 - No camping

Camping is considered camping when you are found to be (but not limited to):

2.2 - No Continuous Infractions

If you continue to violate our rules, you’ll be removed from Area-47 as a whole. Once you have reached an internal amount of infractions, you will be removed from the game.

If you reach a certain level of infractions (and we're talking a lot of infractions) you'll be removed from the game permanently.

2.3 - No Class-D Pushing 

When Class-D cross the termination line in the CDCZ, they are able to be terminated. Some players use this to their advantage to abuse their power in the game.

Here are some examples of Class-D pushing but not limited to:

2.4 - No Glitching 

Using unfair methods to obtain an advantage over other players is a violation of our rules.

Here are some examples (but not limited to) of glitching:

2.5 - No Staff Impersonation

The following does not include all examples of impersonation.

Note: If this seems repetitive then that would be because clearly quite a few people needed it

2.6 - No Radio Misuse

Do not use the radio inappropriately to bypass, spam, or disrespect other players.

Some examples of radio misuse include but not limited to:

2.7 - No Spamming 

Do not repeatedly spam the radio, spam the chat, or flood the radio.

Some examples of spamming include but not limited to:

2.8 - No Tool Abuse 

Do not abuse the tools you are given in the game.

Tools you cannot abuse include but not limited to:

-Detaining players who have violated the Area-47 game rules

-Detaining players away who have stepped within the detain zone of a VIP (For more information regarding detain zones, click here)

-Detaining players who gave you permission to detain them with roleplay intent

-Detaining players out of your office (SiD, TA)

-Detaining unnecessary staff out of inner SCP CZs and airlocks

-Detaining CD while being tested (To guide them around or if they try to escape, both official and non-official game tests)

-Redacted or SiD+ may use detain during interrogations: (Redacted or SiD+ may hold users for a maximum of 3 minutes in the interrogation room)

-Redacted or SiD+  may detain “rogues” for interrogations 

-If surrendered, Redacted or SiD+ may conduct interrogations on CI

-Users may detain other users out of meetings (both Board and Meeting rooms) who do not have authorization:

-Meeting restrictions can be established by the HR that started the meeting (Must be a SiD+)

-Users may be detained out of rooms/SCP CZs where there is a current breach

-Detaining certain players out of certain rooms/sectors. You may detain players out of certain areas if they hold a certain clearance level (i.g. L0 ScD in [REDACTED]) Except in cases of essential personnel (MTF, SD, E&T, etc) for containment, combat, test escorts, fixing generators/doors, or anything similar. If an 'essential personnel' is in a restricted sector for any of these reasons or any similar reason then you may not detain them out (if they have been given permission by a Omni+ to be in an area or have spawned in said area, then you may not detain them out either

Below are the clearance levels that may enter each sectors:

Sector Clearance chart:

-All levels in sector 1 / 2

-Levels 2+ In Sector 3

-Levels 3+ In Sector 4

-Omni personnel In redacted

-Authorized personnel in SiD/TA office

Note: The HR that started a meeting can set any restrictiona, you can however CE the player if they are trolling in the meeting room. 

Note: If a player is made a Class-E, you're allowed to detain them into the CE cells if they exit the cells. However you are not to stand in the cells with them and keep them detained.

Note: Do not manipulate this rule by moving close to a player on purpose so they can get shocked, you will still be punished.

It should be noted that Shock shields follow the same/similar guidelines as the "Detain Zones".

2.9 - No XP (Experience Points) Farming 

Do not attempt to bypass the AFK Timeout system for XP. This system is in place so you are required to play and learn the game to level up and unlock access to more team ranks and tools.

Some examples of XP Farming but not limited to:

3.1 - No Advertising

Advertising in Area-47 is prohibited. “Advertising” means directing players to play another game, bypassing the filter and sending links off-site, or anything to have a player purchase a product you or other groups have created.

This rule also includes advertising any 'fanmade' Area-47 products, servers, events, etc. The only things that may be advertised are official Area-47/Bulk Games products, games, and servers.

3.2 - Using or being in possession of leaked moderator documentation

Some people like to leak certain restricted material, these of which include any forms of moderator only guidelines. Players then get a hold of this information and use it for their own personal purposes in-game, on the discord or in foreign groups/servers.

We do not tolerate players using any forms of leaked or modified guidelines for their own gain. If a player is in possession of any leaked guidelines or is using the guidelines against players or mods, we deal with it very heavily and seriously.

A few examples of disallowed scenarios include, but are not limited to:

3.3 - Gaming the System

"Gaming the System" (more commonly referred to as "Loopholing") refers to using "flaws" or making drastic assumptions about the rules in order to bypass them. Attempting to bypass anything that is obviously against the rules is punishable.

In summary, users have a set expectation of common sense when it comes to the rules and often try to cause issues with moderation staff or other players.

3.4 - Troll Accounts

Creating accounts on Roblox with the sole intent to disrupt roleplay, harass others, or engage in general trolling within Area 47. This policy is in place to maintain a safe and enjoyable roleplay environment. Examples of prohibited actions include but are not limited to: